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Agile estimation techniques: Here’s how to do it right the first time Agile right the first time&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1806&ad=911593&src=911593

Prince2 en Scrum

Comparing development methodologies: Agile vs. DevOps vs. Lean Startup to speed up your CI/CD pipeline_fchurchville&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1806&ad=910139&src=910139

How to become a certified Scrum Master

How to become a certified Scrum Master

SCRUM Master PSM of CSM?

The state of Agile and DevOps in 2016? Room for improvement’s%20top%20jobs_fchurchville&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1839&ad=905627&src=905627

Compuware investeert in Agile en DevOps