Modern Infrastructure October 2016

Modern Mobility October 2016

Microsoft Nano Server: A lighter OS for heavy workloads Server 2016 reaches general availability _tculverhouse&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1810&ad=910617&src=910617

PKI encryption in PowerShell coming in Windows Server 2016

Cloudgiganten beconcurreren elkaar met Europese datacentra

Prepare your Azure resources before creating and deploying VMs stack monitoring tools evolve; Staging servers get the boot; and more_tculverhouse&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=910118&src=910118

Modern Infrastructure September 2016

Modern Mobility September 2016

SCVMM 2016 new features ease virtualized infrastructure management a colo connection; Try out advanced app deployment plans; and more_tculverhouse&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=909994&src=909994

Inside Docker configuration management functions Transmission for 09/28/2016 (UserUniverse: 2193628)

Tips and tools to manage Azure roles, access controls Transmission for 09/08/2016 (UserUniverse: 2177091)

Internet of Things Show

VU-experts kraken virtuele servers

Software licensing models evolving for virtualization Transmission for 08/03/2016 (UserUniverse: 2138654)

Citrix and Microsoft to offer XenMobile Office 365 management adds Office 365 management_elockhart&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1819&ad=909255&src=909255

Tracking down storage latency in VMs

What are the significant changes to System Center 2016?;%20Manage%20resource%20binding%20&%20elasticity;%20and%20more_tculverhouse&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=909109&src=909109

VMware VSAN 6.2 emerges as a leader in the SDS, hyper-converged markets

Grote cloudproviders drukken kleintjes uit de markt

Windows Server 2016 licensing will spur change from users, chip makers;%20Azure%20Stack%20pushed%20back%20to%20mid-2017;%20and%20more_tculverhouse&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=908985&src=908985

How do I boot to Safe Mode in Windows 10?

7 verbeteringen in het nieuwe Windows 10

Virtualization skills pay the bills: Essential knowledge for admins

Set VM failover priority levels with SCVMM;%20Docker%20boosts%20Rosetta%20Stone%20app%20delivery;%20and%20more_aallen&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=908740&src=908740

Docker orchestration integration could ruffle partners’ feathers,%20and%20more%20from%20DockerCon_aallen&utm_source=NLN&track=NL-1811&ad=908470&src=908470